"I have known Mark Friedman for over 20 years. We have worked together numerous times on different investment opportunities and I can honestly say no one I know does better and more in depth research than Mark. It would be a privilege for any aspiring investor to work alongside Mark." -- Tom Claugus, President GMT Capital Management (AUM $5B), Featured in Jack D. Schwager's "Hedge Fund Market Wizards"

"My relationship with Mark dates back to 1987. His understanding of behavior and businesses has helped us navigate in different environments and find profitable investments. He helped us to identify companies whose business models were flawed, and thus doomed for failure, as well as those companies who would prosper. In addition to having a good grasp of behavior and models, Mark is an exceptional researcher with many creative ideas on how to approach analysis as well as how to talk to companies. An aspiring investor will benefit immensely from his ability to patiently explain the basis behind his investment ideas. It is obviously a great skill to be a terrific investor. It is exceedingly rare to find that great investor that is also a great teacher. Mark is of that unique breed. I have learned a lot from him and continue to do so." -- Joe DiMenna, Founding General Partner at Zweig-DiMenna Associates (AUM $1.5B), The Stock Whiz You Never Heard Of

"Mark will teach you the skills required to successfully identify and invest in mispriced securities while balancing risk. Mark’s recall of the history of individual companies and past market cycles is unparalleled, and lends unusual depth to the differentiated investment theses you will develop. My work with Mark provided the skill set and experience required to begin a fulfilling career in investment management; I recommend his program wholeheartedly.-- Robert Bexton CFA, 1999-2000 Analyst at MBF Capital Management, Principal Global Research Analyst at Aristotle Capital Management (AUM $13B)

"I knew next to nothing about investing when I started working under Mark in early 1991. For nearly four years, he taught and guided me in the methods of fundamental, long-short investment analysis. Without this education, I would have never been able to start my own fund. Anyone lucky enough to obtain an internship here will have a door opened to them that few get to enter."      -- Jerome L. Simon, Founder and Managing Partner at Lonestar Capital Management LLC, Lonestar Capital WSJ  

"An internship with Mark would be invaluable to any aspiring investment analyst. He simplifies ideas to one or two questions that need to be answered and focuses on the “how’s and why’s” of an investable idea. Equipped with the answers, he can then help assess the risk/reward of the idea with a contrarian, longer-term view that is lacking in vast segments of Wall Street. In short, Mark teaches you to filter the noise of the investment world and focus on what really matters in a way that is not taught anymore."-- Chip Saye, 2005-07 Analyst at MBF Capital Management, Former Director of Research at AWH Capital (AUM $100M)

"Mark Friedman is the "master craftsman" from which I learned the art of short selling in the late-1990's.  Mark's investment approach is the antithesis of today's fast-money trading.  He takes a long-term view based on value-investing principles and is typically quite contrarian.   Mark is also gifted with psychological wiring to make investments that would be difficult for most investors.  LMK Capital Management's superior short-selling track record over the past decade would not be possible without his mentorship.  -- Bob Sales, President of LMK Capital Management LLC (AUM $45M)

"Whether you are an experienced investor or a novice, I highly recommend working with Mark Friedman. Under his tutelage, I developed invaluable skills related to valuation, structuring investments, and financial research. Mark is a very creative investor who will work incredibly hard to help you see through the numbers and understand the deeper opportunities available within a given firm or industry. The program is challenging, but Mark will work just as hard as you do to make sure you are learning, and that your analysis is logical and informed." -- Nate E, Former Intern, University of Chicago Law School Class of 2017, Associate at Sidley Austin LLP

"This program is one of a kind. Where else can you find a jovial hedge fund guru who is willing to spend his time sharing timeless investment principles with you in a personal setting? Mark uses the history of the markets as well as his own real-world experience to teach his interns what is and isn't important when making investment decisions. The lessons learned will create a solid foundation for future development and are invaluable to any investor. Mark is also pretty funny." -- Kevin Baker, Stanford University Class of 2016, Process Engineer at Applied Materials

"Mark has a unique ability to understand market trends and select smart, long-term investments. I learned a lot through working with him to identify, in real time, securities with an asymmetric risk-reward profile. Mark is a true mentor who works hard to develop the career of young professionals." -- Bradley Harris, Former Intern, MBA Candidate at UNC Class of 2019, Graduate Student at Duke University Class of 2019, Pricing and Regulatory Solutions Analyst at Duke Energy Corp

"Mark's mentorship provided an excellent environment in which to gain tremendous insight into the public markets. having a private-investing background, I was interested in learning more about public markets investing and I'm happy to say that the MBF program delivered. Through one-on-one sessions dissecting new ideas and face-to-face meetings with the plethora of hedge-fund managers in Mark's network, the MBF program offered great perspective  into the life of a hedge-fund manager. If you are interested in breaking into the industry or just seeing if a hedge fund career is right for you, I would highly recommend joining Mark's program." -- Jake P, Former Intern, MBA Candidate at The Wharton School Class of 2018, Equity Research Analyst at Fidelity Investments

"After coming from a background deeply rooted in technology, Mark's program gave me an opportunity to open up the curtain of finance. Through a combination of qualitative metrics, meetings with various hedge fund managers, and anecdotes from financial history, the program exposes you to pattern recognition throughout history to understand what is affecting the economy today. Mark works hard to make sure you will learn; whether you are just beginning to understand the ins and outs of a balance sheet to putting together an investment pitch for your favorite stock, you will take home some lifelong lessons that will help you make sound investment decisions throughout your life." -- Jonathan Hilgart, Former Intern, Masters Candidate at GalvanizeU Class of 2017, Senior Software Engineer at One Medical

"Throughout my time at the MBF program, Mark was able to provide unique mentorship and lessons every day that have helped develop the way I analyze businesses, markets, and patterns. The program was a one-of-a-kind experience and will provide anybody with market insights, historical knowledge, and a strengthening of their financial knowledge." -- Sandeep Rishi, Former Intern, Tufts University Class of 2018, Investment Banking Analyst at Spurrier Capital Partners